How To Use Google Stadia Controller On PC

How To Use Google Stadia Controller On PC

Cloud gaming is quite a thing for now. Though it is not available worldwide when it does, it is going to gain a lot of popularity.
Cloud gaming services like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna not only allow you to play games on the cloud, but they also come with their very own equipment, like consoles.
Here in this article, we will provide two different methods following which you can use Google Stadia Controller on PC or Steam.

Having a controller while enjoying the Cloud gaming service on a phone or PC is almost like a cherry on the top. When you buy the stadia premiere Edition, which includes a Chromecast ultra stick for your TV, you get a Google Stadia controller.

The Stadia controller is currently available for purchase in regions where the Stadia service is live and the controller alone will cost you $69. It is available in three different colors are Black, White, and Wasabi. Similar to other consoles, the stadia controller also has a separate button to capture screenshots and videos. Let’s take a brief look and at the features of the Stadia controller.

Features Of Google Stadia Controller

Once you purchase the Google Stadia controller, you need to set it up first before you get on with using it with your PC.

Use Google Stadia Controller On PC

How To Setup Google Stadia Controller Via Mobile Device

  • In the first step, you have to download the Stadia application on your phone that is available for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • Next, fire up the app and tap on the controller icon to set the Stadia controller up.
  • If the application or the device ask for any kind of permission access, grant it needed to run the app.
  • You also have to make sure to turn your device’s Bluetooth to On and ensure it is set to discoverable.
  • Now, turn your Stadia controller On by pressing the Stadia button for a few seconds.
  • On the Stadia app tap on the Connect Controller button.
  • The application will not start looking for the Stadia controller.
  • When the app detects it, your controller will vibrate, this is when you tap on Yes on the app and then on Continue.
  • In this step, it will ask if you wish to share usage data with Google. Your options are yes or No.
  • Now, in order to connect your controller to your Wi-Fi network, tap on your network name and then enter the password for your network.
  • In this step, now that you have the controller to your Wi-Fi network, it will check and install any updates if found.
  • Your controller will have white light flashing around the Stadia button, if it does, simply tap on its only blinking white button on the app.

Now you can use the stadia controller to play games on its platform. You can also use the controller on your PC or Laptop. Many platforms support the Stadia controller and even games are nowadays adding support for the Stadia controller.
Below you will learn how you can make Stadia Controller work on your PC.

How To Connect Google Stadia Controller To PC Or Steam Client

There are two different methods using which you can connect Stardia Controller to PC or Stream client. One of them is to connect the controller to the system using a USB Type-C cable.

Method 1: Wired Mode

  • In the first step, you have to fire up the Steam client and let the updates install if there are any.
  • Now, head over to the View tab and click on Settings -> Controller -> general Controller Settings.
  • Next to Generic Gamepad Configuration Support, click the button to turn it on.
  • Now, connect your Stadia controller to the PC via the USB Type-C cable.
  • Steam should now be able to detect the Stadia controller that has just been connected.
  • Select the Stadia controller on the client and map the buttons that are on the screen.
  • At the top left corner of the Steam client turn on the Big Picture Mode.
  • Simply navigate to the game you wish to play with your controller and launch it

This is how you can simply connect your Google Stadia controller to your PC.

Method 2: Wireless Mode

This mode works fine if you are playing games on the Stadia service itself. IN order to use the controller, you have to do the following:

  • You are required to visit the Stadia homepage.
  • Now, simply perform the sign-in that you would usually do when signing in to a Google service.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the white controller button.
  • Make sure that your Stadia controller is switched on.
  • Press and hold the Studio button on your controller till it starts flashes white.
  • Click on Connect Controller, followed by Stadia Controller.
  • To link your controller, follow the button press sequence and do the same on your controller by pressing the right buttons in a given particular order
  • It will now notify you that your Stadia controller has been linked.

We must bring it to your notice that the controller does have Bluetooth but you cannot pair it that way. It is just used to set up the controller and download or install the updates available for it.

Please state your queries in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Make sure to check our gaming section.

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