How To Unlock Bootloader And Root Realme 5s

Realme 5s shares a similar design to Realme 5 and is a pocket-friendly device.
The phone is the part of Realme 5 series launched in 2019.
If you own a Realme 5s and prefer different customisation, then we are glad to inform you that now you can unlock the bootloader and can have the access to custom development in upcoming months.
In this article, we will tell you how to unlock the bootloader and root your Realme 5s.

Key Specifications Of Realme 5S

However, before we tell you the steps to root your device, let us brief you about the specifications of the Realme 5s.
Talking about the display of the phone, we are pleased to tell you that it has a 6.5-inch display and a tiny waterdrop notch that houses the selfie camera. The Realme 5s packs a 5,000mAh battery which makes it a tad bulky at 195g.
 The device comes with a Snapdragon 665 processor for smoother performance.
The other major features of the device are that it includes a quad-camera setup at the back with a 48-megapixel primary sensor, an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera, a 2-megapixel macro camera, and a depth sensor.
It has a 13-megapixel selfie camera. 
 This smartphone is available in a Crystal Red color variant.

Just like many other phones, Realme also permits its customers to unlock the bootloader.
However, their support is unstable, and also there is no flash tool for Realme 5s as of now.
Though we are pleased to inform you that they are improving their support for custom development projects and they are slowly pushing unlock apks for popular devices.
So, now you are able to root your Realme 5s using this guide.
However, for the rooting process, you must unlock bootloader of Realme 5s first.
Hence, guide for both the processes will be provided in this article.

Why root Realme 5s?

There is no doubt that Realme 5s performs better than other phones and we are sure that it can perform way better if users have the access to root folders.
However, Realme doesn’t permit its customers to access root folders where desired changes can be made.
So, this is where rooting comes into the picture.
Rooting brings many options such as support for custom fonts, custom boot animation, third party themes, and more.
As we have already told you that in order to root your device, first, you need to unlock the bootloader on Realme 5s.
Now, let’s start with it.

What Is A Bootloader?

A bootloader is the piece of code that runs before the operating system and tells the phone how to boot and find the system kernel. 

The bootloader image is always specific to a device because each phone has different specifications and processors.

If you are an average consumer, you will never care that your phone has a locked bootloader.

But if you’re a power user who likes to tinker with your phone, a locked bootloader is a big deal. ROMs, mods, and custom files are an important part of the Android experience. 

However, with a locked bootloader, you cannot flash custom ROMs, kernels, or root your phone.

Before you can perform any of these operations, you need to unlock your Realme 5S bootloader. 

Steps To Unlock Bootloader on Realme 5s

Just like many other smartphones, Realme 5s also comes with a locked bootloader and every company has their own method of unlocking the bootloader of their devices.
Realme does have a strange method for unlocking the bootloader which is basically a disadvanatge for Realme users.
Well, don’t be disheartened as Realme has come up with the unlock apk for Realme 5s to unlock bootloader.
Follow the below given steps in order to unlock bootloader on your Realme 5s.

  • Make sure to have a full back-up of all the data on your phone before you move forward to unlock the bootloader as it will erase all the data of your phone.
  • Now, download the Realme 5s Unlock APK (Deep Testing app) on your device.
  • In this step, you have to install the Unlock app on your Realme 5s.
    You also have to install the ADB & Fastboot driver on your computer.
  • Now, open the Deep testing app on your phone and click on Start Applying.
  • On the next screen, check the box and click on Submit Application.
  • In this step, Go to About Phone in Settings and tap 7-8 times in Build Number to enable Developer Options.
  • Now, Go to Developer Options and enable OEM Unlocking.
Unlock Bootloader on Realme 5s
  • Now, click on open the unlock App and tap on Query Verification Status at the top right corner.
  • In this step, you have to tap on the ‘Start the in-depth test,’ and the Realme 5s will boot into Bootloader mode.
  • Once the phone boots into bootloader mode then connect your phone with the computer.
    Now open the Command window on your computer and enter the below command.
    – fastboot flashing unlock
  • It will prompt an option on your phone, so select unlock bootloader or yes.
    It will start unlocking the bootloader and wipe your phone data.

Once you have unlocked the bootloader of Realme 5s, you are halfway done and now you have the access to root your Realme 5s.
However, before we move forward and guide you on how to root your device, there are certain prerequisites which are required to root your Realme 5s.

The truth is that rooting a mobile is not much more complex than installing some applications and the advantages we have at hand are many. In this article, we will learn how to root Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

What is rooting?

Basically, it allows you to access the entire operating system and further customize your Android. 
You can do whatever you want on your device without manufacturer or operator restrictions.

How difficult is it to root your device?

The truth is that rooting the mobile is not much more complex than installing some applications

How long does it take to root an android device?

It usually takes less than an hour

Advantages of rooting your devices

  • You can squeeze the hardware to the maximum and optimize the battery
  • Maximum Customisation
  • No need to worry about updates
  • Activate additional or blocked functions
  • Detailed control and security

Guide to Root Realme 5s with Magisk


  • Make sure to have a full backup of your phone
  • Make sure that your phone at least has a 50% battery.
  • Download Realme 5s Firmware (the same version that installed on your phone)
  • Make sure the bootloader is unlocked
  • Download the Magisk Manager apk on your phone.

All actions you perform at your own peril and risk!
The administration of the site is not responsible for possible negative consequences for your device !!

Few different methods can be used to root Realme 5s using Magisk or the Magisk Manager.
In this guide, we are going to create a patch file with the help of Magisk. Let’s begin the rooting process now.

  • First, you have to extract the boot.img from the Realme 5s Firmware and copy the boot.img to your phone.
  • Then, you have to install the Magisk Manager on your phone.
    However, skip this step if the Magisk Manager is already installed on your phone.
  • Now, open the Magisk Manager app and then click on the first Install button and then again click on Install.
 Root Realme 5s Magisk
  • In this step, you have to tap on ‘Select and Patch a File’ on the pop-up screen.
  • Now, browse and select the boot.img.
  • It will now start patching the boot file.
    After patching, the file will be saved in the Download folder with the name magisk_patched.img or patched_boot.img.
  • Now, copy the patched file to your computer to the location (C:\adb) and rename it to boot.img.
  • Now, switch off your device and reboot your Realme 5s to Bootloader Mode using button combination or ADB Command.
  • When the phone boots into Bootloader mode, connect it to your computer.
  • In this step, you have to go to C:\adb on your computer and now replace the address with CMD, as shown in the below screenshots.
  • In the command window enter the below command to flash the patched boot image to root Realme 5s.
    – fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • Now, you are eligible to reboot your phone using the below command.
    – fastboot reboot
  • Once the reboot process is over, you can enjoy all the available new features.

There you go, the complete guide on how to root Realme 5s accompanied with a guide to unlock bootloader on Realme 5s.
Feel free to post your queries in the comment section below.

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