How To Root Google Pixel 4a Step By Step Guide

If you specially bought this phone to fiddle with, then it would make you happy to know that XDA Recognized Developer Zackptg5 has managed to root Google Pixel 4a.

It’s been quite some time since Google unraveled the much-awaited  Google Pixel 4a and the company has already released a beta build of Android 11 for the smartphone.

The factory images and the kernel sources for the Pixel 4a have been published as well, which are just the right ingredients required by the modding enthusiasts to start playing with the device.

The developer has also put together an elaborate guide that utilizes XDA Senior Recognized Developer topjohnwu’s Magisk to root the device after unlocking the bootloader.
Before we explain how to root Google Pixel 4a, let us remind you to take an off-device backup.
As the rooting process requires erasing all the data on your phone, including the files on the internal storage.
Applications related to banks as well as popular games like Pokémon Go will also likely to stop working after rooting due to SafetyNet attestation failure, but we do have a temporary workaround for this problem.

Before we get started let us answer some specific questions regarding rooting.

What is rooting?

Basically, it allows you to access the entire operating system and further customize your Android. 
You can do whatever you want on your device without manufacturer or operator restrictions.

How difficult is it to root your device?

The truth is that rooting the mobile is not much more complex than installing some applications

How long does it take to root an android device?

It usually takes less than an hour

Advantages of rooting your devices

  • You can squeeze the hardware to the maximum and optimize the battery
  • Maximum Customisation
  • No need to worry about updates
  • Activate additional or blocked functions
  • Detailed control and security


To successfully obtain root privileges, you must:

   Follow the instructions exactly;

  •    Charge the device’s battery by 50% or more;
  •    Make sure that the model and firmware version match.

If all the points are completed, you can proceed to obtain root rights.

All actions you perform at your own peril and risk!
The administration of the site is not responsible for possible negative consequences for your device !!

How to root Google Pixel 4a

Step 1 – Unlock the bootloader on Google Pixel 4a

Let us bring in to your notice that the steps described below are intended for the carrier unlocked variant of the Pixel 4a.
Most of the U.S. carriers like to disallow bootloader unlocking, making it impossible to root your phone.
The process goes as follow:

  1. First, Go to System settings -> About phone -> tap on ‘Build number’ several times until Developer options are enabled
  2. Then, Back out into settings and go to System -> Advanced -> Developer Options -> Enabled ‘OEM Unlocking’
  3. Now, Unplug your phone if it’s plugged into anything and power it off
  4. Boot into the Fastboot interface by holding Power + Volume Down.
  5. Plug the phone into your PC and open Terminal/Shell/Command Prompt/PowerShell (depends on the OS)
  6. Type fastboot flashing unlock on the terminal and follow the prompt on your device to unlock the bootloader.
    (Note that this step will factory reset the device)
  7. The bootloader is now unlocked.
How To Root Google Pixel 4a Step By Step Guide

Step 2 – Patch the stock boot image using Magisk Manager

While you can find a pre-patched boot image for the Pixel 4a on our forums, make sure to verify its origin.
Any pre-patched boot image you download should match the installed software build version, otherwise you may face serious anomalies.
We always advice you to patch the boot image yourself.

  1. First Download the factory firmware corresponding to the installed version of the stock ROM and extract the boot image from the archive
  2. Now, Copy the boot.img to your device
  3. Install Magisk Manager (grab it from the release section of the project’s GitHub repo)
  4. Now in the next step, open Magisk manager -> select ‘Install’ -> ‘Select and Patch File’ -> select your boot.img file
  5. The patched boot image should be found inside your Download folder

Step 3 – Flash the patched boot image

In the final and foremost step-

  1. Copy the magisk_patched.img to your pc
  2. Now, Reboot your device back into the fast boot (see Unlock section above)
  3. In second last step, open a terminal in the directory your patched boot img file is and type fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img
  4. You’re now rooted finally!

Step 4 – Passing SafetyNet on your Google Pixel 4a

This step is optional.
Bypassing the hardware attestation method for SafetyNet might not be an easy task, but the following workaround should do the job for the time being.

  1. First, download and install the MagiskHide Props Config module from the Magisk Module repo
  2. Reboot.
  3. Open a Terminal app on your phone and type ‘su -c props’
  4. Select ‘Force BASIC key attestation’
  5. This will make your device appear to be a different one in some instances and by default, this is Nexus 5. Zackptg5 prefers it to look like a newer device that doesn’t have hardware attestation (like the Google Pixel 3a).
    So choose: ‘Pick from fingerprints list’ -> ‘Google’ -> ‘Google Pixel 3a’
  6. Reboot and verify you should hopefully pass SafetyNet!

After completing above steps you will have successfully rooted your Google Pixel 4a.


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