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Trump Bans TikTok And Wechat In USA

Donald Trump went from words to deeds: by signing two executive orders to ban TikTok and WeChat in the United States as these apps are considered danger to national security, foreign policy and the country’s economy . 
The effect, however, will not be immediate, as the ban will be effective in 45 days .

Providing Just enough time for Microsoft to attempt the purchase of the American division of the ByteDance app, or even to try the coup by incorporating the entire business, as reported by the Financial Times. 
There is no confirmation in this sense – obviously mouths sewn on both sides – even if an acquisition seems possible at least in Europe and India.

Trump specifically cites the International Emergency Powers Act and the National Emergencies Act to justify the gravity of the situation: the United States is in danger, and TikTok and WeChat – under these conditions – must be banned from the market by prohibiting the population from downloading them. 
What worries the President is in fact ” the diffusion in the United States of mobile apps developed and owned by companies of the People’s Republic of China“, considered – as already mentioned – a danger for the whole nation.

Trump Bans TikTok And Wechat In USA

175 million downloads in the USA, more than 1 billion in the world: in the document, the data showing how (potentially) serious is the spread of TikTok, capable of ” automatically acquiring vast amounts of information from its users, including information on internet and other network activities such as location data and browsing and search histories “. And here is the heart of the ordinance:

This data collection allows the Chinese Communist Party to access Americans’ personal and proprietary information, potentially allowing China to trace the locations of federal employees and contractors, create personal information dossiers for blackmail and conduct corporate espionage.

Another accusation directed at TikTok is the censorship of the Hong Kong protests (directly requested by China, says Trump), as well as the treatment of Muslim minorities in some areas of Chinese territory.

 The conspiracy theories on the coronavirus could not even be missing : even in this TikTok would be guilty, guilty of having spread videos containing false information to its users.

TikTok is already banned in government settings, as well as in India .

 In 45 days it will be able to be on the whole American territory unless Microsoft acquires it. 
After the ban, ” any transaction by any person (natural or legal, ed) with ByteDance ” will no longer be allowed .

Wechat Also Banned

A very similar speech also for Tencent’s WeChat, widely spread in the United States. 
The accusations? It steals personal data, shares it with the Communist Party of China, endangers national security. 

Trump Bans TikTok And Wechat In USA

In addition, it tracks the movements of users

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