Steps To Create and Join Room in Spotify Greenroom

Steps To Create and Join Room in Spotify Greenroom

The feature of Drop-in audio is making its way to many popular applications these days.
The newest application that has added this feature is Spotify.
However, it is really astonishing as why an app like Spotify will add this feature.
Spotify is the maestro of launching and listening to podcasts with an anchor. In this article, we have come up with a guide on how you can create and join a room in Spotify Greenroom.

It is said that Spotify has added this feature only to keep up with the trend.

Lately, it was rumored that Spotify will come up with something exciting in response to the rival ‘Clubhouse’.
The best thing about Spotify Greenroom is the fact that you don’t need an invitation to join a Greenroom.
It was thought that the feature would be within Spotify itself which, to be honest, would be pretty cool and it would be good for those who make use of the lite version of Spotify.
With that being said, let’s dive into Greenroom – Spotify’s answer to Clubhouse.

What Is Spotify Greenroom?

Spotify launched the feature of Greenroom on 16th Juneand has been developed by Betty labs incorporated.
Spotify purchased the Betty Labs thus making them the developer of Greenroom.
The application is accessible to both Android and iPhone users.

The app was previously known as Locker Room which was a live audio chat app that revolved everything around sports and athletes.
You can download the app from both the Playstore and Apple store.
In Spotify Greenroom, you can discuss not only sports but culture and music.

Now let’s learn how to create a room in Spotify and join the chat without an Invite.

How to Create Account in Spotify Greenroom

You must be pleased to know that anyone can join a Greenroom chat.
Even the signing up process is quite simple.
You can simply sign in either using your Spotify account or just through your email address.
Also, since this is a drop-in audio chat app, you don’t need to require a Spotify premium subscription to use Greenroom.
The best thing is that the application does not have advertisements.

Create and Join Room in Spotify Greenroom

How to Create Room in Spotify Greenroom

Creating a Spotify Greenroom is a simple task.
To create one, follow the below given steps:

  • On the home page of the app, tap on the floating green button that says New Room.
Create and Join Room in Spotify Greenroom
  • You will now be asked to set the name of the room and the name of the show or podcast.
  • After that, you will be asked to select a group. This is compulsory as it lets members of the group know that you are planning to go live.
Create and Join Room in Spotify Greenroom
  • You can also select the get room recording toggle to on if you wish to record the room. Once the room has been closed, you will be emailed the audio file.
  • In the last step, you have to click on the Go Live button to let people join your room and have discussions.

How to Join Room in Spotify Greenroom

To join a room, on the home page of the app, you can scroll through the various rooms and tap on them to join.
You can also tap on the search icon at the bottom to look for a particular room to join.
As soon as the host of that room goes live, you will receive a notification about it.

Spotify Greenroom: Room Controls

Each room has three kids of people a host, speaker, and listener. The host has overall control of the room. They can decide who gets to be on stage to speak and who gets to listen. They also have the control to turn the discussion tabs On or Off. The discussion tab is where all the chats of the room take place. If a listener wishes to speak they can simply raise their hand to and the host will then permit them to speak.

Send Gems in Spotify Greenroom

If you something the speaker talks about or the host for doing good work, you can simply send them a gem.
It’s a way to show that you like their work.
As a speaker, when someone sends you gems, it will display the gem count next to your profile icon, you can always see the total number of gems you’ve received in your Greenroom profile screen.
Gems will not be deducted from your gem count and they cannot be removed, returned, or taken back.
This is the only reason why one could say Greenroom is better than Clubhouse.

Block a user in Spotify Greenroom

The app also allows you to block someone if you find them misbehaving.
The block will also prevent that user from joining any other rooms that have been created by you.
In order to block a user, follow the below-given steps:

  1. In the first step, you have to tap on the profile of the user that you wish to block
  2. Now, tap the flag icon at the top right corner.
  3. Select Block.
  4. And that’s how you can block a user on Greenroom by Spotify

How to Report Room in Spotify Greenroom

  1. Tap on the Room host’s profile
  2. Now, tap the flag icon at the top right corner
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and then tap on Report.

If you are in a room listening to live audio and something doesn’t feel right about the room, you can always report it and leave the room. The reports are all confidential. This means that nobody will ever know who reported whom.


Overall, it’s a good move by Spotify to bring in more competition to the drop in the audio chats universe. Of course, the app is in early access but the way the app freezes and responds slowly to inputs is kind of a letdown. Now it could also be to the fact that there are already a huge number of people accessing the platform at the same time, and it could likely be server issues.

Personally, while setting up my account and going through the app, simple things like changing a few settings or browsing for rooms took quite a lot of time, thanks to the delayed app response. We could see better days for the app and the platform as Spotify makes improvements all around.

Feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below and make sure to check our other useful guides.

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