All The Hidden Royale High Chests Location In Roblox (2020)

In this article we bring to you 8 secret locations of Royale High Chests this 2020 that contain exclusive diamonds, clothes and accessories totally free.
Fortunately, we have a wide range of video games for Android and iOS , and developers continue to innovate every day. However, despite the extensive catalog there are always some games more popular than others and they have managed to catch more players in a good way .

One of those titles is Roblox , which has managed to host millions of users thanks to its interface, style and entertaining way of exploring universes. 
And as in any game with maps and scenarios, the most outstanding and best-rated minigames will always appear .

In this case we present you to Royale High , a fascinating Roblox minigame where you will have the opportunity to have your own house, vehicles, wardrobes with clothing using the fabulous diamonds (official game currency).

Today video games have become part of popular culture. So much, that today many users make their living playing on streaming platforms, of course, without leaving aside the essence of having fun and being entertained.

If you don’t have roblox coins, don’t worry. In this article we will show you some 100% reliable tricks and methods to get hidden diamonds and chests in Royale High this 2020 .

Tricks to get hidden chests in Royale High 2020

The chests are rewards , garments, accessories and hidden diamonds that makes the server Royale High for lucky players. 
It should be noted that the chests are not found with the naked eye, they are usually hidden and are scattered throughout certain areas of the map.

The most prominent tricks in the Roblox community to earn diamonds and get hidden chests are the following:

Royale High Chests In Autumn Town Tunnel

Royale High Chests
Discover the hidden chest found in the Autumn Town tunnel

To get some chests in Royale High you must transport yourself to the Autumn Town region and locate the tunnel which has “Welcome to Autumn Town” written on the top. 
Now, walk on the left side without entering the tunnel and a few meters you will have a chest waiting for you. 
You will be able to identify it as it is shown in purple, blue or another striking hue.

Go through the Autumn Town tunnel

Royale High Chests Locations
If you go through the tunnel of Autumn Town you will find a great surprise

The next hidden chest is located in the same region of Autumn Town , to obtain it you must go through the tunnel and take the race on the left side, then it is necessary to cross the beach by the bridge and at the end you will see a house located on the left side. 
Stop and look just under the bridge, you will surely find one of the chests in the game.

Royale High Chests In Mystical maze

To find another of the chests with free Royale High clothes and diamonds you must go down Mystical Maze street , once you find the sign you must cross to the left and you will see a giant tree with red leaves.

Locate the Mystical Maze sign and get the hidden chest with exclusive clothes

 A fabulous reward chest will be waiting for you at the base of the tree .

Royale High Chests Near The Totally Harmless Pumpkin Patch

Locate the Totally Harmless Pumpkin Patch area and in front of the ad you will find a kind of roundabout with certain rocks located in the center. 
The hidden chest is right in the middle of the rocks.

Locate the Totally Harmless Pumpkin Patch area and in the middle of the rocks you will see a Royale High chest

Traverse Totally Harmless

For this trick you must enter the pumpkin patch, and right in the middle of the patch on the right side you will have a hidden chest available with some special reward for you.

Go through the pumpkins and you can get great rewards

Ronling Hat

To get to this place you must go north from Totally Harmless Pumpkin Patch . 
If you don’t know it’s very easy, you just have to follow the only available route and then you will arrive at a series of houses with ocean views. 
There you must stop at the first purple house that is on the left side. The box it can get on the ground floorof the house.

Royale High Chests
In Ronling Hat locate the ground floor of a house and redeem the chest

Cross Mystical Maze

When you find the Mystical Maze sign , turn left and follow the path until you come across a series of very luxurious houses. 
Stop the step at the last pink house that is accompanied by a giant tree, explore among the bushes and you will find the chest.

Explore the bushes and find diamonds and accessories for your characters

Main square

You can go back to the main square where the game starts and take the route on the left side. Follow the road and as a point of reference you will have a cemetery in sight. When you reach a black bridge you will have to stop the passage.

Royale High Chests
Get hidden chests from the main square of Royale High

It will not be necessary to cross that bridge, on the contrary, you must fly past the top and continue along, a few meters you will have access to the chest . 
If you want to visualize the hidden chest it is very important that you fly over the bridge so that it can appear.

As you will see, the tricks are very easy and by following the route described in each one you can get the popular hidden chests to win exclusive clothes, diamonds and free accessories from Royale High this 2020.

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