Metacritic imposes a 36-hour wait for users to rate video games

The bombings of negative reviews have been a problem for many years in Metacritic, but it seems that the huge chaos after The Last of Us Part II has taken effect and they have decided to take action

From now on users will have to wait 36 ​​hours after the launch of a game before posting any personal notes and comments.

It remains to be seen if this has any practical effect, especially since campaigns against games have sometimes occurred months or even years after their launch as a measure of protest against the companies.


 This type of actions made other platforms, such as Steam, already take measures to prevent revenge or protest notes, something that has not been particularly effective and has generated considerable controversy at the time.

 review-bombing has very little relationship with the real quality of the product.

 Sometimes they are organized attacks by rabid fans because a good game comes out for a console they do not have and at other times they are measures of protest against a company. 
For example, at the time there were attacks of this type against Electronic Arts for its aggressive use of microtransactions and reward boxes, or for launching a legacy version in the case of FIFA 20 for Switch . Nintendo itself has suffered these attacks for its exclusives.

The review bombing has also been used to protest the crunch , the publication of cases of workplace harassment, and a long etcetera.

 In other cases, they have been ideologically marked groups because they are offended by something, such as the sexual orientation of a character or some controversial statements by some of the developers that have been annoying because their political or social approach is not shared.

In the case of Metacritic, the most popular score aggregator, there are two ratings: one is the average of professional media from around the world; another is the average of individual user ratings.

With the 36-hour wait period after the launch that Metacritic now imposes on users , the idea is that this will give players time to really test the title.

Only time will tell if it serves so that the reviews can be reliable for potential buyers who want to know not only what the media thinks, but also the opinion of fellow gamers.

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