Best Launchers For Xiaomi Phones 2020

Android devices offer us a variety of advantages and therefore, any Xiaomi mobile device with MIUI comes with the possibility of installing a launcher or application launcher totally different from the factory version. In this article, we have compiled and formed a list of best Launchers For Xiaomi Phones.

Launchers allow us lots of customization, various functions, and also in some cases, improve the speed of our Xiaomi. Launchers enhance the overall GUI of our mobile phones.

With a view to this, below we are going to collect what we consider the best Launchers For Xiaomi Phones, either because of its level of customization, its operation, or directly, for providing greater speed to our smartphones.

Launchers For Xiaomi Phones
Nova Launcher

Probably the most used and famous launcher today is the Nova Launcher . This not only gives us greater customization with its various icon packs, but in general a solid and quite stable operation .

Launchers For Xiaomi Phones
Various screenshots of the Nova Launcher

Among its features, we find its customizable folders, its gestures, and its own Dark Mode very appealing. It provides a high level of customization that makes it a highly recommended launcher.

2. Action Launcher, the second best option – Download 

At the second position we place Action Launcher , a worthy competitor of Nova Launcher that stands out for its high level of customization both aesthetically and functionally.

Action Launcher

Among its most striking features we find Quicktheme , a function capable of adapting the system theme to the colors of the wallpaper of our phone.

Lawnchair 2, the alternative to the Pixel launcher – Download

Launchers For Xiaomi Phones
Lawnchair 2

As a third option, we have Lawnchair, a launcher that was born as the most complete alternative to the Google Pixel application launcher.

Among the biggest attractions of this launcher, we find its complete functionalities even when it is a totally free launcher and the integration of Google Discover from which we can glance the most relevant news.

4. Smart Launcher 5, from the lightest launchers – Download

Smart Launcher 5

Under a philosophy of simplicity, Smart Launcher could be considered as the best launcher for lower-end mobiles. Its ease of use and lightness, make the system fly even on smartphones with fewer resources .

5. POCO Launcher 2.0, the POCOPHONE launcher – Download

POCO Launcher

This launcher is used by POCO. Among its main features, we find a simple system, capable of grouping applications and also provide great speed to the system.

7. Evie Launcher, with universal search and a very simple design – Download

Evie Launcher

If we are looking for a basic launcher, simple and at the same time fast , Evie Launcher may be the best candidate. Although it does not have a high level of customization, its speed and its universal search will surprise you.

8. Niagara Launcher, the most minimal and simple – Download

Niagara Launcher

Finally, Niagara Launcher is probably the most minimalist and simplest Android launcher you have ever seen. Still, its level of customization is quite high and it presents a rather striking interface.

Leave us your comment and tell us your favourite launchers !

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