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iPhone SE VS and iPhone 11: which one to buy in 2020

At first glance, iPhone SE VS iPhone 11 does not make much sense, because SE is $ 300 cheaper than even the basic version iPhone 11 but there are many factors that come into picture in this comparison

The iPhone SE 2020 received a number of improvements, including the latest A13 chipset, which gives it excellent performance and top-end hardware components. 

What else is SE able to offer and does it make sense to overpay for a more expensive smartphone?

Let’s get into details to decide which choice is better.

Design Comparison : iPhone SE VS and iPhone 11

Comparing both models of Apple smartphones, the first thing that catches your eye is size. An iPhone 11 with a 6.1 ”display is significantly larger than 4.7” SE. 

In iPhone 11 you get more workspace for applications and watching videos and in SE you get more mobility and compact coverage.

Both Apple smartphones have LCD displays, but the iPhone 11 has “Liquid Retina HD” Display, and SE, on the other hand, has Retina HD Display. 

In simple terms, the display of the iPhone 11 looks clearer, although both screens are characterized by the same PPI.

iPhone SE VS and iPhone 11

Apple classic fans will love the fact that the iPhone SE still retains the Home button. In 2020, this model will remain the only one that Apple will continue to release with a physical button. 

At the same time, the button serves not only as a design element, but also contains a Touch ID sensor. It reads fingerprints to unlock the smartphone and authorize digital payments. 

In turn, the identification of the iPhone 11 models is based on biometric scanning of the face using the Face ID sensor located on the front side of the smartphone.

Comparing SE and 11, it is worth mentioning that the first smartphone is available only in red, black, and white colors, and for the second – Apple offers a more extended range of options in nude shades: green, yellow, and purple.

Camera Comparison : iPhone SE vs iPhone 11

For everyday use (pictures for social networks or standard video recording), one 12-megapixel SE camera will be enough. 

But if image quality is important to you or you want more tools for processing photos / videos, then iPhone 11 is able to offer a more winning version of software and hardware components.

On the left – a picture on the iPhone SE camera, on the right – on the iPhone 11

In particular, the second wide-angle lens of the iPhone 11 allows you to receive magnificent photographs of landscapes and impressive pictures of nearby objects. 

In addition, thanks to the Deep Fusion function in low and night light, the Apple smartphone is able to reduce the graininess and blurriness of the frame.

When comparing front cameras, the iPhone 11 has a clear advantage.

The iPhone 11 has a 12-megapixel front camera as compared to 7 megapixels front camera of the iPhone SE, but it also can shoot videos in 4K resolution and record videos in slow motion.

 The capabilities of the SE camera in this aspect, alas, are limited only by 1080p resolution without additional features.

iPhone SE VS and iPhone 11
On the left – a picture on the iPhone SE camera, on the right – on the iPhone 11

Processor And Battery: iPhone SE VS and iPhone 11

Both smartphones are equipped with the latest Apple A13 Bionic chipset. Moreover, The comparison of the performance of both models on Geekbench 5 and 3DMark shows almost the same results (not to mention the fact that SE, in comparison with the Pixel 4, Galaxy S20, and OnePlus 8 Pro is much better in performance).

iPhone SE VS and iPhone 11
iPhone SE VS and iPhone 11

According to CNET, in offline mode with continuous video playback, both smartphones work the same duration ie. about 15.5 hours.


If you want to update your smartphone at the minimum cost, then SE is the best option but if the price is not an issue for you and you like good camera and multimedia features then the iPhone 11 is the best choice for you.

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