How To Use Wii Controller on Switch

How To Use Wii Controller on Switch

Starting with the enormously popular Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, the Nintendo brand has been a household name since the early 1980s. Nintendo is producing gaming consoles for a long time, with each one proving to be a huge success. Inter console compatibility was the only thing that was left. One question that is wondered by almost all of us that is can we use a Wii controller on Switch?

Here you will receive the answer along with the guide. The Wii was a popular Nintendo game console that came with these revolutionary motion-sensing remotes called Wii Remotes. The console was highly loved since it allowed the players to play games like tennis and badminton. While playing such games, the console would act as the racket.

 If you do take a look at the Pro Controllers for the Switch and as well as the Wiimotes, they have the same functionality as the Wii Remotes and the Wii controllers. Read along to know how you can connect the Wii controller on Switch.

Can We Use Wii Controller On Switch

You must have already guessed that the answer to this question is YES. If you happen to love the old Wii controller, then you will love this guide.

Wii Controller on Switch

Requisites for the Process

  • Wii Controllers or Wii Remotes
  • A Nintendo Switch
  • 8BitDo Bluetooth USB Adapters (2 if you have 2 Wii controllers)
  • Type-C USB Hub

You might have an old Wii controller and if not, you can purchase it on Amazon for a very cheap price. In terms of the 8bitDo USB adaptors, you will be able to purchase them on Amazon or at your Best Buy Store.
One adapter will allow the process only for one Wii controller, so if you wish to have two Wii controllers connected, then make sure you purchase two adaptors.

Update 8bitDo Dongle

Make sure to update the 8bitDo Dingle to the latest version since it will ensure a smooth process.

  • You can make use of the upgrade tool which you can download from here.
  • Connect the dongle to your system, press the Sync button on the dongle and then run the upgrade tool which will then check to see if any update is available and then download it.

How To Connect Wii Controllers with Switch

Follow the below-given guide to connecting Wii Controllers with Switch:

  • First of all, you must power your Nintendo Switch with the standard method. Ensure that it has its battery charged up to at least 50%.
  • Now, connect the Type C USB hub into the Switch.
  • With the USB Hub connected, now plug in the 8bitDo dongles. You will see a red flashing light, indicating that the dongle is on.
  • NOw, you have to press the Sync button on your 8bitDo dongle.
  • If you have the Wii Remotes, ensure that they have got batteries inserted. Slide-out the battery cover and press the Sync button on the remote.
  • The USB dongle will detect the Wii Controller and automatically sync with it, making the controller ready for use.

Following the process, you will now be able to use Wii Controller on Switch easily. However, instead of using it vertically as you would normally, the buttons have been remapped, forcing you to utilize your Wii remote horizontally. You may now check if the buttons on the Wii Remote are providing input or not. Simply do the following to test the inputs on the Wii Controller.

Test Wii Controller Input on Switch

  • Firstly, you have turn on your Nintendo Switch Home Screen, select System Settings.
  • Now, at the left side menu, you have to scroll down till you find Controllers and Sensors, select it.
  • On the right side menu, now select Test Input Device.
Wii Controller on Switch
  • And finally select test Controller Buttons.
Wii Controller on Switch
  • In this step, you have to press the buttons on your Wii Controller to see what input it is feeding into the Switch.
  • Now, to end the process of the input test, simply hold any button on the controller to exit from it.

They will be the same ones that will be utilized in any of the games that you play, based on what input the button is shown on the test screen.
If you have the Wii U Pro or Classic Controllers, you can simply plug them into the Wii remotes’ USB ports and they should work well. You can also test the input to determine if the buttons on the controller have been altered or remain the same.

Special features of the 8bitDo USB dongle for the Nintendo Switch

Having a dongle like this to utilize old controllers is great, but you’ll miss out on certain functionality for some of the Nintendo Switch titles. This USB dongle has the following functions.

  • Vibration Support on X-input mode
  • 6 axis motions on Switch
  • Special Switch mode
  • Free firmware upgrades
  • Lag free input

To conclude:

It is all because of the dongles that allow us to enjoy an old controller like a remote. We must bring it to your notice that the controllers will not function perfectly, but it does the job and brings in a bit of nostalgia when playing around with older controllers on newer consoles.

Feel free to share your queries with us below in the comment section and make sure to check our other useful guides.

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