How To Use A Router As A Repeater To Extend WiFi Coverage

How To Use A Router As A Repeater To Extend WiFi Coverage

If you have a few old routers and don’t know what to do with them, You can use a router as a repeater to improve your Wi-Fi range. We tell you how you can do it, its advantages and its disadvantages.

There are many ways to increase Wi-Fi coverage, from better positioning the router to orienting antennas or using PLCs, repeaters, and Wi-Fi Mesh. You can also use an old router as a repeater.

How To Configure The Router As A Repeater Without Conflicts

Use A Router As A Repeater

Before connecting both routers to each other, it is recommended that you make adjustments in the configuration of the old router – the secondary one – to avoid conflicts between them

The configuration of each router is a world, but in most cases, the process goes through connecting to it and entering,, or It will ask you for a username and password, which is often indicated on the router sticker unless you have changed it ( which is recommended ).

In the LAN configuration, change the IP address so that it does not match that of the main router and activate the Enable DHCP Server Relay option , indicating in Relay IP the address of the main router. It is also common for this IP to appear on the router label. If not, you can connect to it with a device and see which gateway is listed in the connection information.

Be that as it may, in the options of the secondary router, look if it is possible to activate the repeater mode . Again, the options are going to vary a lot on different routers. In some you will find the AP or access point mode, which extends the original Wi-Fi signal without creating a new one. In others you will have the router mode, similar, but that will create its own Wi-Fi network. Sometimes you will have both modes.

Use A Router As A Repeater

Please note that some routers will reset the router settings automatically and change the default IP address when switching to AP or Router mode. It is highly recommended that you make a backup of your configuration before.

Connect The Two Routers To Each Other

When you have configured the secondary router correctly, it is time to connect them together, which in certain circumstances will make the attempt to reuse the old router not worth it. For example, if you are going to use the old router to bring the Internet to a distant room, the Internet must first reach that router , and for that you may need to use technology such as PLCs or Wi-Fi repeaters.

Of course, if you are going to use a PLC or a Wi-Fi repeater of any kind, then it might be unnecessary for you to use the old router, unless you use it to connect devices to it via its Ethernet connection , that is, by cable. In this case, the old router can be useful in case these devices do not have their own Ethernet output, and you need to connect devices in that room with cable.

The best case – since you would not need to invest in any additional device – is to have a very long Ethernet cable or, better yet, Ethernet cabling between rooms . 

This would be the optimal solution, as you could take the connection from the new router to the old one via Ethernet, using it to create another Wi-Fi network in a far away room that has barely any signal on the new router.

Connect both routers to each other and, if everything went well, the router you had in the closet will be used to connect devices via cable or to create or extend a Wi-Fi address where the original Wi-Fi network did not have coverage.

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