How To Unlock Bootloader And Root Motorola Edge 20

How To Unlock Bootloader And Root Motorola Edge 20

After years, Motorola is back in business. Their G series was an entry-level budget-friendly model in the market. One of their moving models is The Edge series — Edge 20 is a recent release that is premium budget-friendly as similar to Nord 2 by One plus. If you have Motorola Edge 20 and want to unlock more features, then you have come to the right place. Follow to know more and learn how to unlock the bootloader and root Motorola Edge 20.

The Edge series has got a variety of ranges from Edge S to Edge 20, whereas the Edge 20 is the budget premium phone. Motorola Edge 20 pro also launched today.

Key Specifications Of Motorola Edge 20

Let’s take a look at the specifications of Moto Edge 20- It has a big display of 6.7 inches FHD+ with a refresh rate of 144Hz which is Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

The main perk of this model is its Camera. It comes with three back cameras, 108Mp + 8Mp Telephoto + 16Mp ultra-wide. Also, you get a great 32Mp selfie camera in the front. The device is powered by Snapdragon 778G processor integrated with Adreno 642L GPU support. By rooting your phone, you will make this great phone into a Fierce one. But before rooting, we need to unlock the bootloader. Once it’s done, you can improve its performance and features. Let’s guide you through it.

How to Root Motorola Edge 20 Step By Step

Basically in an Android phone, we can’t access/modify certain files because of the user privilege. Rooting the phone can get you access to it and you can enjoy the new features and customize your phone – Install Custom ROM, Custom Kernel for your Android Device. Let’s move on to how to unlock the bootloader

How To Unlock Bootloader Of Motorola Edge 20

Every android phone will have a locked bootloader to prevent rooting. Motorola is one of them, but unlocking the bootloader in Edge 20 is easy due to its OEM process. Follow the steps to unlock

  • Take a complete backup of your phone because once you unlock the bootloader everything will be erased.
  • Download ADB & Fastboot drivers and Motorola USB Driver and install them on your PC.
  • Go to settings —> About phone — Tap 7-8 times on the Build Number —> It will show “you are a developer”.
  • Back to settings —> Developer options —> Enable OEM Unlocking & USB Debugging.
Unlock Bootloader And Root Motorola Edge 20

  • Shutdown your mobile. Press Down + Power button simultaneously. This will put Motorola Edge 20 into Fastboot Mode. Release the button once you see Fastboot screen. Connect the Mobile to the PC.
  • On your PC, open command window or CMD. For macOS & Linux, you can use “platform tools”.
  • Back to settings —> Developer options —> Enable OEM

Type the following command :

fastboot oem get_unlock_data
  • Now you will get 5 line alphanumeric codes. Copy and make it in a single line using notepad or your convenience. But do not copy (bootloader) in case of windows and (Info) if it’s mac.
  • Go to Motorola unlock page, login with the Motorola account & Copy the one line code and paste it to Motorola unlock page.
Unlock Bootloader And Root Motorola Edge 20
  • Now click on can my device be unlocked? Request unlock key will appear. Read the agreement and agree — click on the unlock key.
  • The code to unlock the key will be mailed to your singed Motorola mail ID.
  • Copy and paste it. Execute the following command and press Enter
fastboot OEM unlock ‘code’

The bootloader of your Motorola Edge 20 has been unlocked. You can verify it in the Developer option in settings. As it’s unlocked, your data will be erased. You can set up your phone. Now the phone is ready to root with the bootloader unlocked. 

Pre-measurements to be followed :

  • Unlock Bootloader before Rooting your Motorola Edge 20.
  • Install anyone of this : Magisk APK / Canary Magisk / Manager APK. 
  • Make sure your charge is above 50%Have a fullback of your date to restore if anything goes wrong. 
  • Download the Motorola Edge 20 Firmware for your phone ( the same version which is installed on your phone ).

Steps To Root Motorola Edge 20 using Magisk

  • Copy the Motorola Edge 20 firmware in your PC and extract boot.img file from firmware. You can use 7Zip or WinRAR.
  • Download Magisk app on your phone. Once downloaded open the Magisk App. 
Unlock Bootloader And Root Motorola Edge 20
  • click the select and patch file, search for boot.img and select it. It will start patching the boot image. 
  • You can find the output file in the name of Magisk_patched.img in the download folder.
  •  Transfer the patched boot image to folder c:\adb in your computer. Save it as boot.img Reboot your Motorola Edge 20 to Fastboot mode and connect it to your computer. 
  • Open the C:\adb and replace it with CMD folder location. Press enter to open CMD on that location. 
Unlock Bootloader And Root Motorola Edge 20
  • Verify if device is connected by entering the below command
fastboot devices
  • Your device is ready to root. Enter the below command to flash the Magisk   
fastboot flash boot boot.img 
  • Once flashed, reboot your device. Install Magisk if not yet downloaded. 

Follow the in-app instructions, your phone will automatically reboot. Now you can enjoy the features you want in your Motorola Edge 20 as it’s rooted. Enjoy the experience of android. 

Thus we conclude this guide on how to root Motorola Edge 20. Please leave your queries below in the comment section.

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