How To Setup Quick Replies On Instagram Step By Step Guide

A few novelties that the new Instagram update has brought are quick replies on Instagram and, small shortcuts that will save us a lot of time when responding to our contacts.

Here, in this article, we are going to show you what are these new features, where they are and how you can configure them, and you will be glad to know that this is a quick process since you only have to spend a few minutes to activate the features and it will remain active until you want.

What Are Quick Replies On Instagram?

The quick responses of Instagram are functionality that company accounts have sorry, if your account is personal, you will not find it ) and, as its name says, these are answers that you can give in the DMs ( direct messages ) quickly without wasting time.

They are responses ( or, to put it another way, text drafts ) that you have saved in your Instagram account and that you can copy in a flash in your private messages when someone writes to you .

 In this way, you avoid having to always write the same thing over and over again when more than one person asks you for something similar.

It is very likely that many accounts do not need to use this functionality, since they do not receive many private users always asking the same thing, but I assure you that, for accounts that have tens or hundreds of DMs a day, Quick Replies are a gift from heaven.

Of course, do not think that the quick responses of Instagram are like the chatbots of Facebook Messenger, which are activated according to the keywords that users write. 

No, my friend. These quick replies you have to mark each time, choose from the ones you already have saved, depending on what the private party is about.

How does the process of quick replies work

quick replies on Instagram

With the arrival of the Messenger functions to Instagram, there have been great changes in the interface.
One of the such changes has also reached to Instagram Direct- the section of Instagram that is used to send messages to our contacts.

For this tutorial, it will be necessary to have an active professional account. 
You do not need to have a company, since you can configure your account as a personal blog. 
In the same way, make sure to update the app to the latest version.

Steps to activate quick replies on Instagram

If you meet the above-stated requirements, just follow these steps to schedule quick responses.

quick replies on Instagram
  • Firstly, open the Instagram app.
  • Then, go to the direct messages section.
  • Now, open any conversation.
  • Click on the ‘plus’ icon (+)
  • Hit the three-dot speech bubble icon.
  • Write a short or full message of your choice.

This feature is intended to be able to send responses more quickly. 
For example, if you usually greet with a ‘Hello, how are you?’, you can configure that typing ‘Hello’ will autocomplete the rest of the response.

Feel free to discuss your queries in comment section.

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