How To Root Samsung J6 All Variants Easily(2020)

The truth is that rooting a mobile is not much more complex than installing some application and the advantages we have at hand are many. In this article we will learn how to Root Samsung J6.

What is the immediate advantage of having a rooted mobile and installing a ROM? Mainly we get to enjoy the latest version of Android on a device that will not officially receive it and many other amazing features

FAQ(Frequently Asked questions related to rooting)

What is rooting?

Basically, it allows you to access the entire operating system and further customize your Android. 
You can do whatever you want on your device without manufacturer or operator restrictions.

How difficult is it to root your device?

The truth is that rooting a mobile is not much more complex than installing some applications

How long does it take to root an android device?

It usually takes less than an hour

Advantages of rooting your devices

  • You can squeeze the hardware to the maximum and optimize the battery
  • Maximum Customisation
  • No need to worry about updates
  • Activate additional or blocked functions
  • Detailed control and security


To successfully obtain root privileges, you must:

   Follow the instructions exactly;

  •    Charge the device’s battery upto 50% or more;
  •    Make sure that the model and firmware version match.

If all the points are completed, you can proceed to obtain root rights.

All actions you perform at your own peril and risk!
The administration of the site is not responsible for possible negative consequences for your device !!

Now let’s get started

Step 1 – Download necessary files and unlock bootloader

  1. Download and install Samsung USB drivers on your pc from the official website of Samsung – drivers 
  2. Download Odin and unpack it at any convenient location on your pc
  3. Download TWRP – twrp_3.2.3-1_J610_21230 ;
  4. Download and copy all these files to your MicroSD card – Magisk 17 , Magisk-v18.1 , RMM-State_Bypass_Mesa_v2 , J6 + _oreo_forced_encryption_disabler ;
  5. Follow the steps to turn on developer mode
    1) You need to go to settings -> about the device -> information about the software, and tap 7 times on ” Build number “;
    2) Return to the main settings -> developer options and activate two options – ” Debug USB ” and ” Unlock OEM “;
    A warning appears about unlocking the bootloader and resetting, confirm and wait;
    If there is no factory unlock you have to wait for 7 days

Step 2 – Root Samsung J6

  1. Start  Odin program, click on the ” AP ” button, select the previously downloaded file twrp_3.2.3-1_J610_21230.tar
  2. Mandatory Step !  in the “ options tab uncheck Auto Reboot.
How To Root Samsung J6 All Variants Easily(2020)

Now prepare your smartphone and do the following steps-:

  1. Turn off the smartphone and connect it to your PC via original USB cable.
  2. Hold down both Volume buttons simultaneously, a turquoise screen appears with a warning, next yo have to press the Volume up button and now your device is in download mode.
  3. The Odin program should determine your smartphone and display: COM field, the port number and in the in the message field it will display something like ID: 0 / 0xx -> Added !! “;
  4. We click on the ” Start ” button and wait for the firmware to upgrade: at the top of OdinPASS should be displayed by now, and the Message field will display  -> OSM -> All threads completed. (Succeed 1 / failed 0) “.
  5. Next, we restart the smartphone immediately in TWRP:-
  6. Disconnect the smartphone from the PC and hold down the Volume and Power button together and as soon as the smartphone screen goes off you have to immediately release the Volume down button and hold the Volume up button, hold the buttons until the TWRP logo appears;
  7. TWRP will start, click on the language selection tile, select English or your preferred language, and swipe to allow changes to the system.
  8. Next, we format the data section, tap on Clear then tap on the right tile saying Format data, write YES, and wait for a few seconds for the format to complete.
  9. Go back to the main menu by pressing the Back button, click on the Reboot button, then TWRP or Recovery.
  10. Next, click on Installation tile then click on Select drive and select the archive, swipe to install the archive.
  11. Click the back button and select the archive.
  12. We reboot into TWRP again, after rebooting into TWRP we select the language and swipe again.
  13. Click on Installation, select the drive again and select the archive, after the firmware has installed we go back and select and flash then reboot into the system;
  14. Now go to Magisk and check if it works?  If everything is successful, then upgrade Magisk. Boot into TWRP, click Install, click on the left tile Select drive and select the archive

The process to root Samsung J6 is now done.

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