How to root Motorola One Vision(2020)

Welcome to this article on how to root Motorola One Vision. After reading this article you will be able to gain root access on your Motorola One Vision.

What is rooting?

Basically, it allows you to access the entire operating system and further customize your Android. 
You can do whatever you want on your device without manufacturer or operator restrictions.

How difficult is it to root your device?

The truth is that rooting the mobile is not much more complex than installing some applications

How long does it take to root an android device?

It usually takes less than an hour

Advantages of rooting your devices

  • You can squeeze the hardware to the maximum and optimize the battery
  • Maximum Customisation
  • No need to worry about updates
  • Activate additional or blocked functions
  • Detailed control and security


To successfully obtain root privileges, you must:

   Follow the instructions exactly;

  •    Charge the device’s battery by 50% or more;
  •    Make sure that the model and firmware version match.

If all the points are completed, you can proceed to obtain root rights.

All actions you perform at your own peril and risk!
The administration of the site is not responsible for possible negative consequences for your device !!

Now let’s get started

Pre Requirements Before Begining The Root Process

root Motorola One Vision
  1. Enable USB debugging mode and unlock OEM on your Motorola. For this, go to settings> on the phone> Press on “Build number” 5 to 8 times to enable “Developer options”, then go to “Developer options” and enable “USB debugging mode and OEM Unlock”
    1. Firstly Download Motorola Drivers and install it on your computer.
  2. We need ADB Drivers for the rooting process so download and install it on your pc.
  3. Download Magisk Zip and Magisk APK and copy it to your Motorola’s SD card.
  4. Download the files below and copy all these files to the installed ADB and Fastboot folder. (You must unzip the “.zip” file)
  5. Download the files below and copy them the SD card of your Motorola.(extract the zip before copying)

Unlock bootloader with ADB and Fastboot

How to root Motorola One Vision(2020)

Power off device and then enter Fastboot mode. To do this press and hold the volume down + power buttons at the same time for a while.

Once you have entered the fastboot mode your screen will look similar to as shown in the image below-:

How to root Motorola One Vision(2020)
  • Press the volume up button when you see the warning message to continue
  • Then connect Motorola One Vision phone to computer via USB cable
  • Start Fastboot on your computer. Open a command prompt on your PC and type the following command> ” fastboot devices “
  • Connected devices should be displayed. If you didn’t get the device, do the steps again. If detected correctly, type the following command> ” fastboot oem get_unlock_data “
  • Press enter and you will get some unlock data. Copy those codes and remove the ” bootloader ” prefix from those lines and paste it in a single line somewhere else.
  • Then go to the official Motorola unlock page. Login with your account and in the box paste the copied code and check the unlock status of the bootloader. If you get a YES then you can unlock the bootloader and you can request the Moto unlock key.
  • Once the process is complete, you will get 20 digits to unlock code in your email. Now type the following command to unlock the bootloader> ” fastboot oem unlock “UNLOCK CODE” “
  • You have to type the unlock code received in your email in place of “UNLOCK CODE” in the above command
How to root Motorola One Vision(2020)
  • Now write the code that you received in your email twice and press Enter to successfully unlock the device. Then your device will automatically reboot.
  • Again enable developer options and then go to “Developer Options” and enable USB Debugging Mode, OEM Unlock as Sometimes they are disabled after reboot.

Install TWRP Recovery on Motorola One Vision

  • Turn off the device. Then enter Fastboot mode as we did before.
  • Now connect the Motorola One Vision to the pc using a USB cable.
  • Start KANE Flash Script on your computer. It will boot your device into bootloader mode. At the end of the flash, it will start in TWRP. Go to Delete> Format data for Encryption> ” Yes “. Go to the main menu and restart the bootloader.
  • After entering bootloader, type the following command> ” fastboot boot recovery.img “

After completing the process, it will start in temporary TWRP. Do not start the android operating system until we install magisk

Install magisk on Motorola one vision with TWRP

  1. Select delete> advanced delete> select cache data and delete
  2. Go back to TWRP startup and select install
  3. Select TWRP Installer.Zip and install
  4. Again to start and install
  5. Select and install Magisk.Zip and
  6. After completing that, restart your mobile.

With this we finish our manual tutorial on how to root Motorola One Vision. If you have any questions, you can leave it in the comment box. Thank you.

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