How To Remove Spam Calendar Events From iPhone

We are going to explain how you can tell if you have spam events on your iPhone. In the case of Android, it is easier to know if your devices are infected since malware is more common and third-party application stores do not usually help. iOS is a more closed ecosystem, so the lack of customization and modification of the system has the benefit of reducing the number of viruses but you may accidentally add some spam events in your calendar through spammy websites. In this article, we bring to you a guide on how you can remove spam calendar events from your iPhone.

However, there is no infallible system, so we are going to tell you how you can detect viruses or spam on your iPhone, as well as give you a few recommendations to keep your iPhone safe from any type of malicious software.

There Are Different Types Of Malware And Spam Events On iOS

There are several types of malware today, the most common being adware (advertising malware), Trojans, or spyware. Luckily, thanks to the permission system that iOS has, it is quite difficult for a virus to enter an iPhone since, for now, there are no third-party stores that allow us to install apps from outside (at least without jailbreak or quite convoluted processes). Even in the hypothetical case that there is a malicious app, iOS does not grant permission for it to roam freely.

However, iOS is not foolproof, as the Pegasus case showed in iOS 9.3.5. It was malware that jailbroken the device, thus allowing access to the camera, microphone, and GPS. We have not known cases like this for years, but prevention is better than cure.

How To Remove Spam Calendar Events From iPhone

In the case of iOS, a common practice is SPAM through the calendar app. You go to a website, accept a message, and, suddenly, your calendar is infected with links and events that you have not created. This, in itself, is not a virus, but it is a malicious and annoying practice for the user. If you want to eliminate this type of event, we just have to carry out these steps:

  • Open the iPhone settings
  • Go to ‘Calendar’
  • Click on ‘accounts’
  • Click on ‘Subscribed Calendars’
  • We Select ‘delete account’

Regarding third-party applications with strange behaviors, iOS is quite restrictive with permissions. If an app asks for more permissions from the account, your iPhone will automatically notify you, indicating that X app has accessed X permission X times. If you notice something strange, you just have to delete the application that is abusing your permissions.

The last trick that we are going to give you is to check the subscription section, to check if we are subscribed to something that we have not realized (difficult and unlikely, since in iOS subscriptions without biometric identification are not approved. Yes, Some app has subscribed us to a service without our noticing.

How to avoid malware on my iPhone

How To Remove Spam Calendar Events From iPhone

Although viruses on iPhones are conspicuous by their absence, it is always good to follow certain guidelines for security.

  • Do not jailbreak the iPhone unless you know what you are installing. Cydia is full of unverified apps and leaving the official app ecosystem is dangerous.
  • Never open suspicious links, neither by SMS nor by email.
  • Always set Touch ID or Face ID in addition to the password.
  • Avoid connecting to unprotected or unknown Wi-Fi networks, you never know where the traffic is going.

That’s all you can do to keep your iPhone safe and avoid spam calendar events

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