How To Promote E-Commerce Business on Instagram

Promote E-Commerce Business on Instagram

Ecommerce businesses have grown immensely in recent times dues to Covid-19. People have realized that they can make money in the comfort of their homes. However, every business needs a hustle, here we have come up with how to promote an E-Commerce Business on Instagram.

Social media is a strong platform to promote a business. We have compiled certain ways using which you can promote e-commerce business on Instagram.

Tip 1. Make an Instagram Account

It is crucial to make a business account that is professionally used to sell products on Instagram. We must bring it to your notice that it is necessary to have a Facebook page for the business account that you want to create on Instagram.

A business account helps to keep track of your insights of each post and also to mention contact details. You can always switch your personal account to a professional account from the Account settings.

Tip 2. Click High-Quality and Realistic Photos

Visuals are what Instagram is about. We desire what we see on Insta. Your page should have pleasing and realistic photos. For example, if you endorse clothes, then you can click your pictures wearing those clothes. All you need is the right light and good camera quality.

Tip 3. Make Reels

Reels help you with engaging. With the help of reels, your content can reach a larger number of people. Choose the audios wisely and see the growing number of views on your reels.

Promote E-Commerce Business on Instagram

Tip 4. Sell on Instagram

The most annoying thing on Instagram is that you cannot embed a link on it. However, you still can make a sale by tagging the product on its picture, the same way you add a person. By tapping on the post, the users can view the name and price of the product. The same can be done on Instagram stories. This way people can easily buy the products they like.

Tip 5. Use Instagram photos on your website

There are several online shops that use handy plugins thereby sharing photos of customers wearing their merchandise taken from Instagram on the website. Whenever people click on those pictures, they are able to shop the products from the photo. This is a handy way for your customers to purchase products they like easily and see people actually using the products instead of simple stock images. 

Tip 6. Use Relevant Hashtags

It is essential to use relevant hashtags on your post since it helps you to engage with people who are more likely to purchase your products. Instagram does not allow you to use more than 30 hashtags and also you can perform research to find some of the most popular for your particular niche. 

Tip 7. Arrange Seasonal Sales and Celebrate Occasions

Who does not love sales? It is always a good idea to celebrate an occasion on Instagram. Offer promotions, sales, or simply just theme-based goodies as it brings a special touch to your website.

Tip 8. Conduct a Contest

Contests and giveaways are the best methods that will help you in increasing the reach of your page. Conduct giveaways or contests when you hit a certain milestone. Feel free to drop your queries in the comment section and tell us if you know any other method using which you can promote e-commerce business on Instagram.

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