How To Join Ongoing WhatsApp Video Calls

How To Join Ongoing WhatsApp Video Calls

The rate at which WhatsApp is adding new features is incessant, a very positive detail of the messaging platform. it’s time to talk about a long-awaited tool in the application, which allows you to join ongoing WhatsApp video calls. Yes, it is already possible to be part of video calls that have started without you, and in this article, we will explain how.

After expanding the limit of participants in group calls from four to eight people, WhatsApp adds this change to continue improving the user experience. Now you will no longer have to bother the members to ask them to call you again when you have not been able to answer in time, you can do it yourself.

Join Ongoing WhatsApp Video Calls

How to join ongoing WhatsApp video calls

Those responsible for WhatsApp know that video calls are already a fundamental part of the application, especially at a time when in-person meetings are not so common. For this reason, Whatsapp has decided to improve the function of group video calls by adding a button that is fundamentally useful, since it allows you to join ongoing Whatsapp video calls.

Sometimes when we are unable to answer the group video call on time and the video call starts without us, We need to talk to one of the participants to ask them to add us again. Fortunately, This problem no longer persists.

WhatsApp has introduced a feature that allows you to join a group call even though it’s already started, eliminating the pressure of having to answer during the first few rings of the call. This also makes it easier for participants to join, leave, and re-enter a group call during the course of the call.

This WhatsApp tool also comes with a new tab in which you can find information about the active call, such as who is currently inside and who are the invited users who have not yet joined. Next, we explain step by step how to join a WhatsApp video call that has already started:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the “Calls” tab .
  2. If the group call is still in progress, tap on it. You will thus access a screen with information about the call and its users.
  3. Tap on the green “Join” button to join the video call. Even if you click on the “Ignore” button, you can join later from the same “Calls” tab.
Join Ongoing WhatsApp Video Calls
These are the steps you must follow to join ongoing Whatsapp video calls already started on WhatsApp.

Undoubtedly, this new function aims to improve the user experience, who will not have to depend on others to join ongoing group video calls. This option tool is now available to all WhatsApp users. If it is not yet active on your device, you just have to update WhatsApp or wait a few more days to receive it.

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