How To Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound (100% Working)

Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound (100% Working)

The major purpose of using a phone is to connect with people, and if the speaker does not work properly, then it can be really annoying. Speaker is one of the most essential components of a device. There are a certain number of apps that entirely depend on the functioning of the speaker. Here we will tell you how to fix the iPhone speaker low sound.

The expensive iPhone promises a complete package, however, no device is free from bugs and errors. Though Apple provided a friendly user interface, there are times when most users cannot fix or rectify using the settings. It is known that iPhones have a fairly loud sound but if you feel that your phone is producing low sound, then you can try the below-mentioned methods.

Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound

How to Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound

It is possible that the sound issue could possibly be because of the hardware or software. If it is because of Hardware, then it is easily detectable because of physical damage or harsh sound output from the speakers. In that case, it is suggested for you to contact the Apple Store and get it fixed from there only. However, as for the software fix, you can try to troubleshoot and follow the below methods.

Method 1. Check the Sound Status of your Device

At times, we move forward to a difficult solution without even checking the volume of our device. So first of all, make sure that the volume on your device is full. After which, switch to a music app and check the sound. You can also check the volume by making a call.

Method 2. Reset All Setting of iPhone

After you update your phone, there are chances that your Phone Settings might get disrupted. So, it is advised to reseat all the settings of the iPhone to make your phone smoother. However, before you reset your phone, make sure to take a backup of the entire data as it will erase everything. To reset your phone:

  • Open the setting of your device and navigate and tap to General.
Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound
  • Then , you have to navigate and tap on the Reset option.
Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound
  • Now, in the Reset window, you have to tap on Reset All Settings and then it will ask the passcode, enter it to confirm.
  • Wait for few minutes till it restarts.
Method 3. Disable the Noise cancellation

Noise Cancellation allows the users to enjoy disturbance-free callings and sound experience, however, this can also be the reason for the low volume of the speaker. To disable the noise cancellation feature, follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, you have to open the setting of your device and navigate and tap to General.
  • Now on the next window, tap on Accessibility.
Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound
  • Now, you have to go to Phone Noise cancellation and turn off the toggle switch.

Method 4. Clean Your iPhone Speaker

This may not sound very appealing, but it is an effective method. It may take some time to clean the speaker grill to rectify the problem. However, you can easily do this by using a toothpick. First, you have to cover the cotton tip, then clean the grill gently. We must bring to your notice to conduct the procedure softly without damaging the Speakers. Now, play a song and check the volume.

Method 5. Check The Headphone Mode and Turn off the Bluetooth

Headphones are our regular companion these days. At times, due to some technical glitch, the headphones stay connected to the device even after disconnecting. Also, for new models of iPhone, it may have some dirt in the headphone jack or the charging port. If anything is stuck on the same, then press the volume rocker to adjust the volume. Through this, you will know if any other speaker is attached to your device. Make sure to disable your Bluetooth once you connect it to some device.

Method 6. Check the DND Option

DND mode restricts calls and notifications on the device. Sometimes, we put the phone on DND and fail to disable it. Disable the DND mode from the settings of your phone and check the speaker’s sound.

That’s all for now. Feel free to drop your queries in the comment section to discuss with us.

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