How To Enter BIOS In Windows 11 (Guide)

How To Enter BIOS In Windows 11 PC

The BIOS — (Basic Input+/output system) is a chip built-in core processor found common in every system board. Bios is responsible for loading the hardware and booting software once it is turned on. It also manages the data transfer between the attached devices, display your temperature of the system, fan speed, etc., You can update or change a lot of function using BIOS. The BIOS menu differs for each system. Follow this guide to know how to enter BIOS in Windows 11 PC.

By entering BIOS, you could fix some underlying OS issues and troubleshoot various issues. Basically, BIOS can be entered in different ways based on the different OEMs.
Bios can be set either in Legacy or UEFI mode based on the operating system you work on. You need to enable UEFI mode to install Windows 11. Let’s take you to the process :

How to Enter BIOS in Windows 11

There are two ways to boot BIOS MENU into your system. Both are simple and precise.

Method 1 – Turn on BIOS MENU using Function key in Windows 11

The first method is using function keys. Power off the system to proceed further, you can’t enable it while the system is ON. As its turns ON, press F2, F4, or F8 — to enable BIOS.
Note * All OEMs have their set of keys. Once you find your relevant keys you will be taken to BIOS MENU.

Method 2 – Enable BIOS using Settings App in windows

We saw that the function key depends on the OEMs. So using this everyone can get access to BIOS Menu. Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

Get to Start Menu and click on Settings or press Windows+I  to launch settings.

Go to —> Windows update screen —> Advanced options.

Enter BIOS In Windows 11
  • Once you click Advanced options —-> Recovery options – click it. 
Enter BIOS In Windows 11
  • Now you can find “ Advanced Startup” —> click on Restart 
  • Before restarting make sure you save all your files. 
  • Once the system restarts you will be taken to the Troubleshooting Menu. 
  • Select Troubleshooting 
  • Now you have multiple options for restarting your system 
  • Click on UEFI FIRMWARE Settings
  • Your system will again restart and take you to BIOS MENU directly. 

That’s it. You can enter BIOS on your system. In first method there is no defined keys, however second method is clear and precise. So, both have their merits and demerits. Try it and let us know which one do you prefer.

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