How To Enable Fall Detection On Apple Watch

How To Enable Fall Detection On Apple Watch

We will teach you how to configure fall detection on the Apple Watch, a very useful function that can help us in emergency cases. Despite being one of the star functions of the Apple Watch, it is not active by default, so let’s see how it is configured so that you do not have any problems with this function.

Any Apple Watch from Series 4 updated to the latest version is enough to follow this tutorial, it does not need to be the cellular model since the standard version, connected to the iPhone, is capable of performing the emergency functions that we are going to describe.

Steps To Configure Fall Detection On Apple Watch

Fall Detection On Apple Watch

Starting with Apple Watch Series 4, fall detection can be configured on our watch. If the Apple Watch detects a strong fall while we are using it, it will start tapping us on the wrist and display an alert for us to call emergency services directly.

The Apple Watch can call to the emergency services, if it is connected to the iPhone or if it is a cellular version

In the event that we do not respond to the watch, it will call emergency services and notify our emergency contact, which we have to configure manually. This will only happen when it detects that we are immobile for one minute.

To configure fall detection, we just have to follow these steps:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  • Click on ‘SOS Emergency’
  • Activate the fall detection function
  • Activate ‘press and hold the side button to call’
Fall Detection On Apple Watch

It is important to configure the emergency contact that will receive a message with our location. In the same way, we can configure our medical file to indicate allergies, medical notes, blood group and other relevant information so that it can be seen on the iPhone lock screen.

In the same way, when activating this function, we can call the emergency services by pressing and holding the button on the Apple Watch , to be able to notify them of any incident in a matter of seconds.

If you face any difficulties while configuring the fall detection on Apple Watch, leave us a comment and we will get back to you.

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