Halo 3 is now available on PC with graphics, framerate and customization improvements

Halo 3 is available on PC since July 14 through the Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam, the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC. 
It can also be purchased separately at a price of € 9.99 . 
The game comes with various graphical improvements, customization options for the platform and a new progression system that affects all the games in the collection.

The 11 missions of the Halo 3 campaign , originally published in 2007 for Xbox 360, can be played with a framerate of more than 60 frames per second at a resolution of up to 4K  with support for ultra-wide monitors, different screen ratios and variable compatibility framerates , as well as it comes with many improvements in shadows and quality of textures .

Players will be able to customize the keys when playing with the mouse and keyboard, adjust the field of vision and other peculiarities that they have accustomed us to in the game on PC.

Halo 3

 In addition, the game adds the 24 multiplayer maps to Halo: MCC online and Forge mode and Cinema mode are released .

An updated progression system will arrive in Halo 3 Pc

With the premiere of Halo 3 , Season 2 of Halo: The Master Chief Collection begins , and with it comes a new progression system. 
100 cosmetic items have been introduced that will be unlocked by playing and completing the weekly and event challenges that they will be introducing.

Now the Spartans can be customized in more detail thanks to the use of Unreal 3D, which will allow you to give your own style to each piece of armor for the first time in the compilation. 
Also released in March for PC , Halo: Combat Evolved adds customization in viewfinders and weapon and vehicle skins.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now available on Xbox One and PC. 
The computer version is still missing the Halo 3: ODST which will be introduced before the release of Halo Infinite later this year. 
We will know details of its campaign mode on July 23 at the Xbox Games Showcase .

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