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Grand Theft Auto VI is reportedly under production but Rockstar Games has not yet mentioned the sixth installment of its terrific crime adventure series.
Fans received what seems to be an unpredicted update about Rockstar’s future plans for the franchise on Wednesday that may indicate a retro setting for GTA 6.
Could we be looking at a full-on Vice City revival?

New proof has emerged that GTA 6 might see the improved comeback of Rockstar’s 2002 release, GTA: Vice City.
The said information came through Synthwave musician Pete Brian Rice, who tweeted that “music rights clearing people” associated with Rockstar had proceeded towards various Snthwave artists for a radio station. (Most of the GTA games have a number of radio stations playing music within the game that players can listen to in their vehicles.)
The tweet suggesting the Vice city revival has since been deleted but GTA fans on Reddit quickly captured a screenshot of it before the tweet was taken down.

Synthwave is a music genre that is affiliated with films and video games of the 1980s, which is exactly when GTA 6 has been rumored to happen according to the most circulated rumors about the Rockstar’s final release.
The original Vice City game had iconic retro music, and approaching Synthwave artist could be an indication that GTA 6 will head in a similar direction.

Could Rockstar really be putting an iconic playlist for ‘GTA 6’

The so-called “Project Americas” leaks assert that GTA 6 will take place in the series’ most iconic settings, perhaps across various different cities, including Vice City.
None of the details have been confirmed, but there has been a steady drip of hints throughout 2020 indicating that these rumors could apparently be legitimate.

Jason Schreier, back in April, published a report for Kotaku digging into Rockstar’s efforts to overcome its crunch culture that had employees working “100-hour weeks” during the development of Red Dead Redemption 2.
Schreier also stated that one way Rockstar is planning to reduce crunch is by launching a moderately sized initial release of a new GTA installment and ascending its size with regular and timely updates.

His report never directly wrestled with Project Americas directly, but the globetrotting premise lends itself all too well to the tentative release schedule Schreier laid out.
Rockstar could begin GTA 6 in Vice City and expand it to cover Liberty City and new Latin-American inspired locations to fit the theme as time goes on. This would also fall in line with the games-as-a-service approach Rockstar has taken with GTA Online.

However, there’s also probability that GTA Online could end up being the nail in the coffin for any hope that Wednesday’s leaks actually involve GTA 6.

Synthwave does fit into a revival of Vice City in ‘GTA 6.’ But could Rockstar just be planning an update for ‘GTA Online’ instead?


During an earnings report on August 3, Rockstar’s holding company Take-Two Interactive revealed that it will continue to update Grand Theft Auto Online well into the lifespan of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Rockstar apparently could be reaching out to Synthwave artists to update the already existing radio stations in GTA Online.
The company has regularly added new songs to its in-game iFruit radio featuring tracks from the new generation artists.

It’s likely to say that Rockstar is working on getting new music for a throwback GTA Online playlist, since GTA 6 hasn’t even been announced yet. We need to wait and see if Rockstar announces a synthwave track list for GTA Online.
If not, then there is a fair chance that Project Americas rumors might not be so farfetched after all.

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