Simple Fix For FIFA 22 Crashing on Xbox Consoles

Simple Fix For FIFA 22 Crashing on Xbox Consoles

FIFA 22 was released on Oct 1, 2021. Many users have reported various errors and bugs, crashing and so on. As same like FIFA 22, NBA 2K22 also caused the same issues. EA has had these issues for a long time but don’t worry just go through this troubleshooting guide to fix FIFA 22 Crashing on Xbox Consoles.

Most of the players are undergoing crashing issues such as auto shut down during the game. It’s a relief that EA is working to fix the issues as posted on Xbox Status Page. Let’s Hope, the problem will be fixed soon. Meanwhile, follow the below steps to avoid facing these issues.

Steps To Fix FIFA 22 Crashing on Xbox Consoles

Here are some easy steps for you to fix the troubleshooting problem. Let’s go

Check For Software Updates

Make sure your system is Updated. Because outdated or buggy software can cause several issues. 

  • Go to Menu → click settings → click Updates and Downloads.
  • Select Update Console → select Checkmark “keep my console up to date & keep my games and app up to date“

Reboot your console immediately to apply changes.

2. Clear Cache data

It’s good to refresh your console often because there must be lots of cache due to the installed games. It might make your system slow or causes trouble while launching game. 

  • Go to Settings → choose Devices and streaming → select Blu Ray.
  • Click Persistent Storage → Select Clear Persistent Storage.

If you don’t have the Bluray option under Device & Streaming on your Xbox console then follow the steps below : 

  • Turn off your Xbox console and unplug the cable from your power source. 
  • Leave it unplugged for around 5 minutes and Turn it ON again. 
  • You will see the Xbox logo and the cache will be cleared. 

3. Delete the saved Game data. 

If there are issues in gameplay the most likely fix is to delete saved game data. 

To do : 

  • Quit FIFA 22 and select My games & apps.
  • Select see all → highlight FIFA 22 games.
  • Choose Manage game & add ons → Scroll down to Saved data.
  • Select Delete All.

Wait until it’s done. Now, Relaunch your FIFA 22 and check for the issue. 

4. Xbox insider Hub

You can get the features and updates in the Xbox insider Hub but it’s still in development mode so make sure you exit the access to avoid unwanted bugs or glitches in your Xbox. 

  • Go to Settings → click Xbox update preview & choose Manage. 
  • Select Xbox Update preview Alpha skip-Ahead. 

You will get a warning as “ Users may encounter Bugs“ Ignore And move on. Most probably your game will stop crashing. 

5. Install the latest patch update. 

Make sure you always have the latest patch update. It avoids bugs & errors also brings in new features to the game. 

6. Hard Reset Xbox Console

By performing a hard reset, your system will sort out the issues automatically in the long run. Don’t worry, it won’t delete your data from the console. To do : 

  • Switch off the Xbox console by pressing the power button and hold it on for a few seconds. 
  • Release the power button when it’s turned off. 
  • Unplug the cable from the power socket and wait for 5 minutes. 

Plugin and turn ON the console using the power button & check for crashing issues while launching FIFA 22. 

7. Contact EA Help

If your problem doesn’t go away with the above steps then contact EA Support to get further assistance. 

Hope this was helpful to you. For any additional queries leave a comment below in the comment section. 

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