Download Android SDK Platform Tools for Window/macOS/Linux (2021)

Download Android SDK Platform Tools

Are you one of those users who wish to modify your Android phone using commands?
If that’s a Yes, then you are at the right place as today we have come up with a guide on how to download Android SDK Platform Tools for Windows/macOS/Linux. All you need is an Android SDK Platform Tools for your computer.

Android SDK Platform Tools

There are several users who attempt to root or install custom ROMs on their Android phones and enjoy advanced functions. However, it is gonna take quite some time to finish the processes that involve using the Command window or CMD. Also, if the apt drivers are not installed, then your PC will fail to detect your phone.

What Are Android SDK Platform Tools

Android SDK Platform Tools is a set of drivers and components merged in a file to provide support for Android phones on the computer. It comprises components that include ADB, Fastboot, and systrace.

The tool is available to various users such as Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms that too in a form in which there is no installation required. There are also several other functions such as unlocking the bootloader and flashing image files using the command prompt. This tool is recommended for developers as well as testers.

Features Of Android SDK Platform Tools

Now, let us brief you a little about Android SDK features for an Android user.

  • ADB Driver: If you install SDK Platform Tools in your PC, then there is no need of installing ADB drivers. The ADB commands can be executed using this platform Tools
  • Fastboot Driver: Fastboot drivers are tagged along with ADB the SDK Platform Tool, so there is no need to manually install the driver.
  • Support Multiple OS: The tool is available for various users such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is required for Android development and this is the reason for availability to multiple OS.
  • Flash System Images: You can also flash system image files using this tool via flashing commands. And so it is useful for flashing custom Recovery and custom ROMs on Android Phones.
  • Backward Compatible: If your device is more compatible with the previous version, then the feature to reverse the version is also available.

Download Android SDK Platform Tools

This tool for Google is officially available on the Android blog. However, if you have any trouble finding the tool, then we will help you out here. This tool is extremely helpful in finishing off quite a few complex processes that include flashing image files, unlocking bootloader, developing Android apps, testing various apps, etc.

ADB and Fastboot drivers are available for Windows but not for macOS and Linux. So if that happens then you can use Android SDK Platform Tools to easily complete ADB and Fastboot tasks.

You can download the tool from the below-mentioned links for your OS:

How to use Android SDK Platform Tools

SDK Platform tool is one of the easiest and convenient tool to use. And here we will provide you a step-by-step guide using which you can enjoy ADB and Fastboot features via Android SDK Platform Tools.

  1. In the first step, you have to download Platform Tools from the links given in the download section.
  2. Extract the folder on your computer.
  3. Also, open the Platform Tools folder.
  4. Now, you have to open Command Window. It depends on the OS how you can access Command.
  5. In the Platform Tools folder, you will find an address bar, switch it to CMD and press enter.
  6. It will prompt a Command window at the location, where the Platform Tools folder is placed.
  7. That’s all, now you can use any ADB or Fastboot command to bring changes on your Android phone.

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