How To Customize Widgets On iOS 14 Using Widgetsmith

With iOS 14 the new Widgets have arrived on your iPhone and iPad. And while you can do a lot with them, it’s nothing compared to what can be done using Widgetsmith.

This application can be downloaded for free on both your iPhone and iPad, to take full advantage of the new iOS 14 Widgets. as it gives us greater control over the Widgets we want to place, their size and appearance. , as well as the information that they are going to provide us.

What is Widgetsmith?

The app Widgetsmith is used to customize the Widgets from an alternative control center, instead of doing it directly from the home screen. In addition, it offers its own minimalist designs

Another advantage over the official iOS 14 Widgets is the ability to display them at different times of the day. A kind of Smart Battery but with its own peculiarities. This way you will make better use of the space on the screen by seeing the widget you need at the time of day that you decide.

Steps To Customize Widgets On iOS 14 With Widgetsmith

Now lets go on to customize the widgets :

  • To do this, we download an app for this function, such as ‘Widgetsmith’ or ‘Photo Widget’. The most popular right now is ‘Widgetsmith’, which is the one we have chosen
  • Now we choose one of the widgets that they propose: Small, Medium, or Large (in our case, Medium), click on it and click on ‘Default Widget’.
Customize Widgets On iOS 14 Using Widgetsmith
  • We select one of the widgets available in ‘Style’, with the font (‘Font’), color (‘Tint Color’), and background color (‘Background Color’) that we like the most, we go back and click on ‘Save’.
  • Now we exit the app, we go to our home screen to edit it by adding our new widget. We tap on the (+) icon and choose the ‘Widgetsmith’ medium (which is the one we have configured). From there, we create and add as many widgets as we want.

The last step that we have to do is change the background image of the home screen. To do this, as we already know, we go to ‘Settings’> ‘Wallpaper’, ‘Select new background’ and we choose one of the images that Apple proposes or that we have saved in the gallery.

Customize Widgets On iOS 14 Using Widgetsmith
Homescreen before (left) vs Custom Homescreen with shortcuts and Widgetsmith (right)
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