The Android emojis are fine, but some people prefer iPhone emojis and Above all want to use them in their WhatsApp conversations. And although there is no native way to change the system emojis on Android, it is possible to use third-party apps and tools with which we can have the iPhone emojis on Android withoutContinue Reading

This article aims to demonstrate how to activate eSIM on an Android smartphone as easily as possible. Before we get started let’s take a look at what eSIM actually is-: What Is eSIM? eSIM is nothing more than an electronic SIM card that does not require the insertion of a physical SIM in ourContinue Reading

If you specially bought this phone to fiddle with, then it would make you happy to know that XDA Recognized Developer Zackptg5 has managed to root Google Pixel 4a. It’s been quite some time since Google unraveled the much-awaited  Google Pixel 4a and the company has already released a beta build of Android 11 forContinue Reading