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All The Hidden Royale High Chests Location In Roblox (2020)

In this article we bring to you 8 secret locations of Royale High Chests this 2020 that contain exclusive diamonds, clothes and accessories totally free.Fortunately, we have a wide range of

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Graphic Comparison Of NBA 2K21 On PS5 Vs PS4 And The Differences Are Greater Than It May Seem

NBA 2K21 is the new installment in the sports and basketball saga by Visual Concepts and 2K Games for PC , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , Switch and Stadia .  With major improvements in graphics and gameplay, competitive online and community features, and deep

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Amazon Luna: Amazon Announces Cloud Gaming Service With Twitch Integration

The rumors of past few years are confirmed: Amazon has finnaly announced Amazon Luna, a subscription service that will give access to a catalog of more than 100 games and

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Ghost Of Tsushima Is The fastest Selling Playstation Exclusive Belonging To A New Saga

The digital sales data was announced by PlayStation at the end of July. Ghost of Tsushima is the best-selling game belonging to a new saga in its premiere in the history of PlayStation .  Industry analyst firm SuperData ,

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PlayStation 5 would go on sale on November 20 at 499$, according to a leak

A leak indicates that Sony would put the PlayStation 5 on sale on November 20 worldwide, although it will be first released in Japan. Its standard version would cost € 499

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