How To Get Android 11 Chat Bubble Notifications On Any Samsung Smartphone

Android 11 comes with a new bubble notifications management which groups all messages in the “Conversations” section of the bar , and ease handling messaging apps with the chat bubble interface, inspired by the Facebook Messenger to multitasking for users.

The option to show bubble notifications is one of the most striking and important novelties of Android 11 , the latest version of Google’s operating system . But that does not mean that only phones updated to Android 11 can enjoy this function.

In fact, Samsung mobiles already have a function very similar to that introduced by the latest version of Android a couple of years ago, which, as in Android 11, allows you to have floating bubbles that represent each of the notifications received , and from which it is possible to run each app in a floating window .

If you still do not use this function, or did not even know that it existed, in this article we will explain how you can use it on your Samsung mobile.

Chat Bubble Notification In Samsung

Bubble Notifications
Bubble notifications are available on Samsung mobiles.

First of all, it is worth bearing in mind that this feature is only available on Samsung mobiles with recent versions of One UI . Therefore, if you have a company terminal with outdated software, it is likely that you will not find this function in the settings of your mobile.

That said, in order to use bubble notifications on Samsung, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open the mobile settings app and go to the “Advanced functions” section.
  2. Once inside, tap on the option “Smart pop-up view”.
  3. Mark those applications whose notifications you want to be shown in floating bubbles and pop-up windows.

That’s it. Now, the next time you receive a notification on your mobile from one of the marked applications, it will appear in the form of a bubble and you can tap on it to display the app as a pop-up window .

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