How To Activate eSIM On Android Smartphone

This article aims to demonstrate how to activate eSIM on an Android smartphone as easily as possible.

Before we get started let’s take a look at what eSIM actually is-:

What Is eSIM?

eSIM is nothing more than an electronic SIM card that does not require the insertion of a physical SIM in our mobile phones, tablets , laptops or in any other mobile device with connectivity to the telephone networks. 
For this reason, these devices does not have a slot for SIM cards, so hardware manufacturers will have more space inside the device, although in principle, and given the small size of the micro-SIM and nano-SIMs, the space freed up is not much (the eSIM itself take up some space).

What Android SmartPhones Support eSIM?

 There are many brands and for this, we have divided the guide by brand.

How to activate eSIM on a Google Pixel smartphone

  • Let’s see how to associate an eSIM with a Google Pixel smartphone. 
  • First, open the Settings menu and you will find the Mobile Network item. 
How to activate eSIM on an Android smartphone
  • If below you find the message ‘Add a network’ it means you do not have a physical SIM and you can proceed from here for the configuration. 
  • Otherwise, you will have to press the + symbol on the right if the eSIM is your second SIM.
  • If it is your primary SIM you can click on “Do you want to download an eSIM”? to proceed and then tap on Next to continue the operation. 
  • At this point, a message will inform you that it is looking for the data of the operators. It can take up a few minutes. 
  • When finished, a screen with a camera window will open. 
  • Point the camera at the QRcode of your eSIM.
  • You will be asked to confirm the activation of the SIM and at this point click on Activate. 

This step can also take a few minutes. In the end you will find your SIM configured on your Pixel smartphone.

How to disable eSIM on a Google Pixel smartphone

Before transferring the eSIM to another smartphone, it is necessary to deactivate it from your earlier smartphone.

  • On Pixel smartphones, open the “Settings” menu, then Network and Internet, then Mobile Network. 
  • Here you will find all the items of your eSIM with all the various settings offered by the smartphone.
  • To deactivate the eSIM you have to scroll to the bottom and press on Advanced to expand the menu. 
  • From here click on Reset SIM. 
  • The message will read “Delete data from this downloaded SIM?”. 
  • By clicking on “Delete the data” you will have disassociated the eSIM from the Pixel.
  • It will take a few moments to delete the SIM data, after which you can reassociate it elsewhere.

How to activate eSIM on a Motorola smartphone

The procedure is substantially identical to the one mentioned above for the Pixel, since it is equipped with stock Android.

How to activate eSIM on a Samsung smartphone

To active eSIM on a Samsung smartphone follow the following steps-:

  • Open the Settings menu, navigate to Connections, and then SIM card management. 
How to activate eSIM on an Android smartphone
How to activate eSIM on an Android smartphone
  • Here you will find yourself in front of a menu dedicated to eSIMs. 
  • Tap on Add tariff plan. 
  • You must necessarily already be connected to the internet and hereafter a few seconds the Add item with the QR code will appear.
  • Press it and point the camera at the QR code of your eSIM.
  • After a few moments you will be asked to confirm the addition of the new tariff plan.
  • Tap on Add to confirm.
  • In the end you will have to confirm if after adding the plan, you also want to activate it. 
  • Confirm on “OK”. 

At this point, the plan will be activated and you can use your eSIM on your Samsung smartphone

How to disable eSIM on a Samsung smartphone

To disable the eSIM activated on your your Samsung smartphone you have to complete the following steps-:

  • Open the “Settings”, then Connections, SIM card management.
  • Here you will find a menu dedicated to eSIM separate from that of the SIM. 
  • Click on your eSIM and then on Remove. 
  • You will be asked to confirm by pressing “Remove” again. 
  • In the end, the eSIM will have been removed from the list of your virtual SIMs.

Now we come to an end to our guide on how to activate eSIM on supported android smartphones.

Feel free to leave your queries and suggestions in the comment section below.

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