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5 MIUI 12 features  that should be mandatory on Android

These five things from MIUI 12 are something that we would love to see on any Android smartphone on the market.

Although many people are suspicious of those capable of customization and look for the closest possible experience to Android in its stock version in a smartphone, we will not deny that on many occasions these layers add interesting functions to the Google operating system.

A clear example is MIUI 12, the latest version of Xiaomi’s customization layer has 5 things so useful that we think they should be mandatory on any Android phone.
Do you want to know what they are? Join us.

1. The MIUI 12 control center

5 MIUI 12 features  that should be mandatory on Android

The MIUI 12 control center is something quite useful since it allows you to enable and disable numerous options of our smartphone quickly and easily. 
In addition, it is quite configurable so we can edit it to our liking.

2. Application lock

5 MIUI 12 features  that should be mandatory on Android

There are applications more important than others. 
A clear example is WhatsApp, Gmail, or our bank and it is that in these apps we store a lot of information.

Do you want to secure a specific app?
Thanks to locking applications with our fingerprint, only we can access them. 
It is also a very useful way to protect apps in the event that we lose our mobile or it is stolen.

3. Second space

If you are one of those who like to have a mobile for work and another for leisure, the second Xiaomi space is your solution.
With this option, we can configure different profiles and have different apps in each of them, all on the same smartphone.

So when we have to work we configure a profile with productivity apps and when we finish our day, we activate the second profile where apps such as Netflix, Spotify, or our favorite games will be.
Without a doubt one of the star functions of MIUI and that we would love to see by default on Android.

4. Dark mode

Although the dark mode arrived in MIUI 11 with the new version of Xiaomi’s customization layer, it has been improved. 
Not only can we change the tonality of the dark but something else quite interesting.

It is about forcing all the apps that we have installed to adapt to dark mode. 
In this way, we will have unity on our mobile device and we will not have dark mode apps and others without.

5. Update policy

One of the big problems with Android and its smartphones is that many of them are not updated or receive security patches, leaving them vulnerable to possible attacks from cybercriminals.

The good thing about MIUI is that although a Xiaomi or Redmi phone does not receive Android updates, it will continue to receive updates to its customization layer, obtaining all the improvements that MIUI offers to these devices, which, as we have seen, are not exactly few.

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